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“Bichagadu” Movie Fame Vijay Antony Comes with Another entertainer, “Roshagadu”.  Watch Roshagadu Online on Aha

Are you bored watching routine movies?

Do you remember Vijay Antony’s movie “Bichagadu” movie, which was most watched by Telugu audiences?

Here comes the action movie Roshagadu by Vijay Antony, who plays the role of Kumara Swami, a sincere and duty minded police officer, who grows his career from a sub-inspector to an inspector. The movie is all about how Kumaraswamy (Vijay Antony) protects society and frees his young brother from the clutches and brings a change in society. NivethaPethuraj also plays the role of a cop and plays an important role in this Roshagadu movie.

Where to watch Roshagadu movie online?

Roshagadu’s movie is streaming on aha video. Download the app to watch Roshagadu and other unlimited entertainments.

Genres: Action

Duration: 154min

Language: Telugu

Watchable devices: The movie is available to watch on all supported devices.

Watch a mass action entertainer ROSHAGADU of Bichagadu movie fame Vijay Antony

The Tamil film ThimiruPudichavan was written and directed by Ganesha in 2018. Now the Telugu dubbed movie Roshagadu is streaming in Aha OTT. Vijay Antony once again proved his talent and stamina to pull the role of a cop. The concept of the under 18 crime story had already been taken by the industry, but this film is Unique when compared to a screenplay. There are many good twists, with a great storyline. The action of Vijay Antony elevated the story.

Reasons to watch movie Roshagadu

  1. The storyline of the movie is realistic.
  2. Vijay himself proved as Roshagadu with his tremendous acting skills.
  3. Music by Vijay Antony added life to the movie.
  4. NivethaPethuraj glamour and acting are marvelous.
  5. The way he changed society adds essence to the story.
  6. Availability on Aha streaming OTT for Telugu movie audiences all over the world.
  7. Few sceneries brought out the hidden action in the Vijay Antony, Ni

A cast of the movie Roshagadu

Stars: Vijay Antony, NivethaPethuraj

Director: Ganesha

Producer: Fatima Vijay Antony

Music Director: Vijay Antony

Cinematographer: Richard Nathan

Release date: 16 November 2018

Roshagadu is a good entertainer for the people who love to watch police story-based action based movies. Don’t miss the interval block in the movie. Bichagadu, a hit movie in Telugu by Vijay Antony, has played the lead role. Mass audiences also love the story and action scenes. Few scenes elevated the action of Vijay Antony and brought the actor in him. His action made the movie worth watching.

This year 2020 already made every movie audiences more panic and anxious with coronavirus infection. All Telugu movie audiences are now starting to relax with worth watching movies with good story and action.
It is the right time to watch Roshagadu movie online on Aha OTT in HD quality.

Vijay Antony, this time, came up with another story with cop drama to entertain his fans in Telugu. Nivetha, as an actress, did her role decently even though she is in a police role.