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Key Pieces Of Chainsaw Man Store

On the other, saying that you are a fan of erotic art fire draw too much attention. These animated characters slowly became very famous and popular with fans and erotic amateurs in Japan. This is an absolute must-have not only for die-hard fans but everyone who keeps existence fascinated by the EVANGELION, NERV, and the ANGEL. 1.0 movie being released in 2020, new designs are being released at a high pace. The cases are made with designs from the Evangelion Rebuild 3.0 movie. The Evangelion 3.0 Designer Glasses Case series is a colorful set of cases for glasses made by K5-Spec. Each case is based on the Evangelion pilot’s pursuit colors. Last but not least, the EVANGELION STORE TOKYO-01 likewise has a corner with exclusive luxury items such as jewelry, Zippos, and phone cases.

Interior design goods such as wallpaper, doormats, cushions, to handheld daily goods such as pocket watches, mugs, and iphone cases. The Evangelion keyholder pocket watch is a locket-type watch on a keychain made by the Asamizu company. The float comes in 3 different versions, Evangelion Unit 01, Unit 02, and Unit 00. This novelty item is utter to use during the summer at the pool or the sea. The Evangelion Entry Plug Float is a blow-up balloon, when inflated, is the exact copy of the entry plugs inserted into an Evangelion Unit housing the pilot. A red, white, and green Evangelion Unit 02 type. A purple, green and black Evangelion Unit 01 type. The Evangelion chair is a gaming-type desk chair made in collaboration with the famous  maker ITOKI.

There are five versions, one for each of the Evangelion pilots. Find Berserk gifts and merchandise printed on quality products produced one at a time in socially responsible ways. I love Berserk, but it’s not as mainstream or marketable as SOA and Naruto. Note: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery due to Berserk Merch the highschool demand for some of our most popular Berserk T-Shirts! Note: All items fall within their price range before shipping is applied. Next to the items we showcased today; there’s also a giant selection of apparel, stationery, accessories, puzzles, and mugs waiting to be discovered. The locket is 3.7cm in diameter with a lid that rump close the locket. The entry plus is 130cm in length and 20cm in diameter.