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Lost in gloryhole

I have to admit; I’m a bit stuck in the gloryhole swallow. I can focus on the rooster as it is anonymous and vice versa and vice versa. It’s still hard to find people doing swapping, but sometimes I find some interest. This particular cock wasn’t looking to be sucked in, but I offered, and he replied. One rule is only if I swallow. Of course, there was no problem. The best part is filling my mouth with a hot load. The guy said he likes being sucked in after cumming and not stopping until he leaves. I responded without any problems, and we had the meeting.

Fortunately, he lived nearby and worked at home, so I was able to catch him during the day. He left the door unlocked, and I headed into the backroom as instructed. The room was quite dark, and almost no holes were visible. Soon he went through his soft cock, and I immediately put it in my mouth. After sucking it a little, he began to grow. It was about 5 inches in size. It was easy to handle. The shape was good, and it was smooth. Each time I reached the tip, I slowly sucked my head and slid the cock back and forth. Lightly moaned because I keep drooling about it.

It didn’t take long before he said he was going to give a vaginal cum shot. I kept sliding my mouth slowly in anticipation of strong suction. I felt that the shaft started to cramp, and hot mouth ejaculation began to squirt into my mouth. I kept sucking as he had instructed, and he moaned loudly, but never got off. I swallowed a sweet bite of his cock still in my mouth. He whispered, whispering, “No, I’ll keep sucking.” A few minutes later, I felt his ball swell, and he started cumming again. This time his orgasm was less violent, but he filled my mouth nicely, and I swallowed another tasty load.

He didn’t pull back, so I kept on. He clung to the rock and kept moaning as I swirled and inhaled. I got a little tired, but I pushed without losing my mind. My precum was in the boxer briefs, and when I rubbed lightly, I felt it oozing out from the front of my pants. Soon he began to breathe badly, and I could feel another load coming. This time I decided to pat it quickly and block my mouth. When he released, he roared, and his body shook this time. I thought he had milked him entirely and he had no semen, but after a few cramps, he shot a big rope deep in his throat. He did not come out much after that, but he finally became sensitive and slowly pulled back from his mouth. Eventually, he slipped utterly and finally caught his breath. He signalled my turn, and I took off my pants and made my throbbing cock move. He moaned when I slid into my mouth like a real woman. He made a loud, sloppy noise trying to devour my cock. It was a bit messy and untuned, but I’m glad I got some relief.

He didn’t suck much, so I went on for a while. He had beautiful wet lips and enjoyed pushing me back and forth like a sweet damp cat. He also seemed to enjoy it. I grabbed the door, moulding with my arms and began to push hard and hard. It felt so good that I got lost at that moment and exploded into his throat without warning. He became nauseous as I kept pushing the pump into my throat. I was able to save a lot of loads and feel the rope shoot off at every thrust. Eventually, my cock became too sensitive, and I slipped out of his mouth. He started coughing and was listening to his moan as he tasted the rest of my juice. I immediately took off my pants and got out of the door. It wasn’t the best blowjob I got, but it felt like a really good fuck. I walked towards the car and smiled. I almost forgot that I had milked three loads in my mouth for 20 minutes before that, until the next one.